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One Bowl of Rice

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Think about a bowl of plain rice. The taste, preparation, and even the  colour of rice couldn’t be more basic, and it’s probably not your first choice of a satisfying meal. However, there are so many popular dishes that just aren’t complete without rice, from stir fries and curry to grilled chilli lobster. Both the rice and the “main” dish elevate each other, and one wouldn’t be complete without the other. So, what does this have to do with leadership? On the surface, rice may seem to have no relation to leadership (unless you’re a rice company), but in reality, it couldn’t be more relevant.

Meet the founder:

Gus Arianto

Gus Arianto is the remarkable founder of One Bowl of Rice. With over two decades of management experience in Asia and Australia behind him, it’s safe to say that Gus knows a thing or two about leadership. He’s been a business development manager, regional general manager, executive general manager, and now thrives as the CEO of a multimillion -dollar company.

One Bowl of Rice

Stories and discussion.

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Gus is passionate about helping, connecting and inspiring people.

Gus has successfully incorporated these characteristics into his life as a corporate executive. Gus has proven that these often shunned ways of leading teams can lead to wild success running a business.

Gus now wants to share his passion for leadership and people through a series of monologues, presentations and interviews covering life, leadership and business. In this series, Gus will talk with people from all walks of life who exhibit “one bowl of rice” style in their area of expertise.

One Bowl of Rice

Leadership and life journey of "One Bowl of Rice" leaders



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